Tokyo-yaki is pottery containing elements from Tokyo's districts.
Earth from a district is shaped into form and glazed with an enamel containing refined material from the distinctive items of that district.
For example, Shibuya-yaki uses resources such as a skateboard and a turntable for its glaze. These works of pottery with a literal piece of Tokyo's neighborhoods are for you to enjoy.

1. Collection of soil

Dig up clay-quality dirt required for the ceramic material from agricultural fields in Hachioji.

2.Extraction of clay

Filter the collected dirt with water to extract only the fine, clay-quality particles. Then soak it in water for several days to remove excess iron content.

3. Molding and unglazed

Mix the extracted clay with dirt from a Tokyo district and work it into a piece of pottery. After the piece is shaped and dried, perform the first firing, this one prior to glazing.

4.釉薬素材集め Collect glaze material

Next, collect materials for the glaze that will coat the ceramic surface. We ask people who live and work in Tokyo's neighborhoods what items distinguish their area, then use the items that receive the most answers.

5.Making a glaze

After melting the glaze materials in a kiln, grind them into a fine powder. Remove metal parts. During the final firing, chemical reactions in metals give the pottery the color of its district.


Apply the glaze from the district to the pre-fired ceramic and perform the final firing.



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