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Teue Handmade Brush

Japanese brushes (Teue Handmade Brush) have a long history that can be traced back to the Nara Period, when many forms of cultural arts such as architecture and dyeing were introduced from mainland Asia. Documents from the Heian Period men-tion brush-like tools used to apply lacquer to objects to create lacquerware. Later in the Meiji Period, French brushes served as the model for what became known as “Western-style brushes”, which were well-received and have only gained popularity since. These brushes have traditionally been crafted by brush craftsmen.

Brush Craftsman

Michiyo Uno

1917年 Grandfather (Mihoji Uno) establishes Uno Hake Brush Seisakusho
1964年 Father (Yuzo Uno) becomes second-generation head
2004年 Joins the family business
2012年 Anti-static brush awarded Sumida Modern brand certification in 2012
2014年 Body brush awarded Sumida Modern brand certification in 2014




Uno Hake Brush Seisakusho began as a hake (a traditional Japanese brush with a flat wooden handle) brushmaker before later expanding to brushes in general. Today, Michiyo Uno and her mother Chieko manufacture a variety of handmade brushes. Brush-making by hand is a long process that involves many steps: piercing holes in the brush block, setting the hairs, hiding the binding wire, nailing, polishing.... Hairs from different animals are processed, divided and sorted by use. Every step requires patience, attention to detail, and tireless effort. Setting the hairs in the brush block requires particular focus—the hair bundles are folded in half and inserted into the holes, where they are bound in place using a single strand of stainless steel wire. A cover is then put over to hide and protect the wire. “You end up with a very sturdy brush with long-lasting hair and just the right amount of give,” says Michiyo.
“A customer who bought a wool facial cleansing brush for herself came back to buy an-other as a gift for a friend, who had just given birth. It’s very gentle on the skin, and she thought it would make a great body brush for the baby.” The Uno family takes great pride in their handmade products made for real people and their everyday lives.

Uno Hake Brush Seisakusho


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